November 14, 2006

Who's Country

Okay, I don't get it. I realize that I never worked for a fancy New York advertising agency, but sometimes I think creativity leaves the realm of reality. The recent commercial for Chevrolet, set to the tune "Our Country" by John Mellencamp, is a perfect example. The commercial features a series of vignettes touting American workers and pride with being an American. Great! But when the tune gets to the lyrics, "From East Coast to the West Coast", one of the images they selected really loses me. East Coast: Crab fisherman in the Chesapeake Bay... okay that fits. West Coast: Wild Fire in California? Huh? This is the best image you could come up with for the West Coast? Is this something that is going to stoke the fires (sorry about the pun) of American pride with the people on the West coast? Last I checked my geography, most wild fires aren't anywhere near a coast? What's the matter, weren't able to find a picture of Big Sur in the archives? Venice Beach? Puget Sound? When you use pictures to emphasize a point in communications, you have to make sure you pick the right ones, whether that's in a white paper or a television commercial. When you pick the wrong ones, like in this spot, you lose your audience. Like me. Will that prevent me from buying a Chevy? Probably not, but it certainly makes me question the sincerity of Chevrolet's attempts to sell American pride in their commercials.? Please help support this with your blog link. Thank you!


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