November 08, 2006

Just the Facts Ma'am

I'm often asked, "Why are white papers so popular today?" Just like the phrase echoed by Jack Webb in the 1960s series "Dragnet", white papers work because they are the only medium that focuses on facts and are judged by their ability to present them in an intuitive fashion. In a world where the typical business executive is besieged with hundreds of e-mails, spam, pop-up messages, and direct mailers, white papers are a welcomed breath of fresh welcomed by business professionals that are being stiffled in an anotherwise polluted atmosphere steeped in business marketing fluff. After all, what other business communications can you think of that are judged by their ability to deliver facts? Brochures? Nope. Business brochures focus on high level messages designed to enhance a company's image. Direct Mailers? Guess Again. Direct mailers are designed for a quick response or measurement of a call to action. Technical Primers? No way. Too much information steeped in complex terminology that goes over the heads of most business professionals Development Documents? Unh-Unh. Development documents may have technical facts but none that anyone layman business person can apply to solve their business needs. White papers occupy a unique space as a highly valued and fact-based communications medium, and as a result, have a very bright future in a world otherwise pre-occupied with glitz, sizzle, and fluff. So folks, am I wrong here or have I left something out?? Please help support this with your blog link. Thank you!


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